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Mindfulness / Meditation 

                     £150 / 6 week course


Intermediate relaxation techniques and mindful flow and connecting to the body. Going within to improve our levels of stillness. 

Week 2.

The oxytocin response. Use of Metta heart opening techniques and othervisulalisations to tap in to compassion for the self and others. Scientific research behind the nefetis of heart opening visualisations.

Week 3.

Balancing the chakras. Visualisation to tap into the heart chakra to open the heartland deal with emotional hurt and pain.

Week 4.

Grounding techniques using the senses and visualisations. Practising mindfulness to improve emotional resilience. Visualisation techniques to improve our response to fear.

Week 5.

Using the senses. Mindfulness practises using the senses. Kundalini visualisation techniques. The use of Mantras to deepen the feeling of bliss and peacefulness.

Week 6.

Practising self-care and self- compassion. Inner child healing techniques. The science kindness and self compassion, the ripple effect. Developing your awareness of kindness and compassion. The benefits of regular practice for mental and physical well being.


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