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Mindfulness / Meditation 

'During meditation, we are observing our thoughts and feelings, bringing them into awareness, and opening ourselves to whatever arises; good, bad, and neutral.  By becoming aware, we can bring clarity and improved direction to many choices in our lives.'


About Sheena & Mindfulness

After a series of stressful events and losses, I began meditating 20 years ago. I had become very ill and hit a low point in my life and this took its toll on my health and wellbeing. I felt I had to find a new perspective and way of life. I had been given a relaxation meditation tape by a friend, and thought I should start with this. So, I would get up everyday at 5.30 am, light a candle and meditate in a quiet room. I immediately found that it gave me clarity of thought. I was able to make sense of events and situations which previously seemed chaotic.


I am now able to practice mindfulness and meditation almost anywhere, dropping into a relaxed state within minutes. I have meditated in the countryside, by the sea, on a plane and on trains. I also meditate for a few minutes at my work as a therapist before I see each client.

Mindfulness can make a vast difference to our daily lives, particularly in difficult times. It can allow us to sit with the pain of loss, and other emotional events. It can make us aware of our  thoughts and feelings around events, which in turn can help us to sit and reflect with what comes up. This can help bring awareness and clarity to the choices in our lives. 

Mindfulness and meditation has the ability to heighten our creativity. It can make a difference in so many other ways, helping us to live more in the moment, to appreciate awe in people, moments, music and scenery.


I have been meditating for over 20 years. My qualifications and years of experience as a teacher, trainer and therapist enables me to teach groups and individuals, in the workplace and on a 1:1 basis. I am a member of The British School of Meditation, and have worked alongside Mary Neilson who works as a trainer and consultant in schools. I am experienced in teaching, training and presenting to students in schools and businesses.


I run a number of workshops and courses based on the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. My mindfulness courses focus on building clients’ emotional resilience, giving them the tools and knowledge to reduce the negative effects of stress and anxiety on their lives.


Many benefits of developing a regular practice include the following:


Emotional Resilience

Better Quality of Sleep

Heightened Creativity

Improved Health and Wellbeing

The Ability to Control Yours Reactions to Everyday Experiences

Heightened Appreciation of the Senses

Awareness of Your Own Body

Students learn a number of techniques for mindfulness and meditation, how to develop a regular practice and how to navigate emotions, thoughts and distractions that can arise during meditations.


Mindfulness/ Meditation

£150 / 6 week course

Tuesday Evening 

All courses available to all students who have attended the beginners course, and all students who are already experienced meditators.


Corporate Workshops available for Max 12 people, prices upon inquiry.

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